Reggie is a veteran musician and singer/composer.  Like most real vocalists Reggie has been singing since he was a child. He has been referred to as the "Industry Standard" in male vocals by noted producers in the music industry.   Despite the demise of TM Records, a label he was signed to in the 90's, Reggie's debut album "He's Always Standing There" released on the label, was well received by the Christian music community.  The album was recommended by Ebony Magazine and gained him a nomination for a Gospel Excellence Ministries Award for Best Male Vocalist.  "I would consider my style to be a combination of Urban/ Contemporary Christian lyrics with an aggressive urban music style," says Reggie.  He has worked with noted artists like Dr. Leonard Scott and TYSCOT Records as both a vocalist and songwriter. His voice can

be heard on the "Celebration of Praise" project with Dr. Scott and Morris Chapman as a guest lead vocalist.  He has been sought after by such labels as GOSPOCentric Records for his songwriting skills.

Reggie's stance as a Christian is certainly not that of your basic traditional believer who subscribes to the present church direction. Reggie says, "I tend to arch over all of this activity taking place in the church today and I reach back to the original example of the first church." He continues, "We have become so polished and professional with so many specialists that the body of Christ has become top heavy. We must return the true authority back to where it belongs... into the hands of the body. No longer can the body be allowed to remain passive and dormant. We must become critical thinkers who are allowed to express and proclaim from the pew what is on our hearts and minds. Critical thinkers are not encouraged in the Christian world. Passivity is the status quo. The only way for believers to grow to

full age is by using the mind God gave them. Even in Christian matters... even when it is not popular. You are going to make mistakes, but we serve a patient and merciful God. I am a living witness. Don't let anyone tell you something different."

In conjunction with Makarios Productions, Reggie has just released a new CD entitled "Pressing On". The Album is a joining together of urban music style with a straight up Christian theme. There is no intent to conceal the Christian message behind a veiled, or cloaked expression. It is put out there for anyone who is searching to find balance between walking on this earth and maintaining a life faith. This album touches on subjects like racism, domestic violence, persecution, and other areas that plague believers and non-believers alike. The point of view is not from a soap box, it is from the crowd of living witnesses who are still walking, stumbling, and even falling. "I am not sure what the future holds for me regarding music but I hold to one of my favorites pieces of scripture... It is for the Lords mercy that we [I] am not consumed, because his compassions fail not. They are new every morning: great is his faithfulness toward us [me]."  Lam 3:22-23.


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