A little about Makarios Productions... it is the brainchild of Reginald MaGee. The company was founded by him to produce demos, specifically the one that got him his first deal with TM Records. Now the company does all kinds of work, specializing in writing, producing and performing music.  We work on all styles of music with a special interest in contemporary Christian music.

We have a room that is sufficiently stocked with the essentials, both hardware and software.  There is very little that we cannot do!

Formerly based in Indianapolis, We decided to take the rig to the New York area in 2002.  Translation: my day job was relocated to Brooklyn, NY.  We are minutes from NYC, which for me might be a blessing in disguise, which brings us to our company name...

A little about the name Makarios... It is a known fact that most of the New Testament was translated from Greek and Aramaic in to Victorian English. Through this process some of the meaning in the original text was lost.


The English word "blessed" is used for Makarios in the English versions of the bible. The transliterated English word “blessed” not only has multiple meanings in the Greek language, there are at least four separate words for it in the Greek language. All of these words were found in the original biblical manuscripts. Makarios was used at the Sermon on the Mount. For instance, in the greek text “blessed are the peacemakers," Makarios was the actual word used instead of blessed. It represents the highest form of blessedness. Furthermore, it is what God counts as blessed and that which represents the highest good. This is what I aspire to in the name Makarios Productions.

Our "in your face" style is unique, fearless and very contemporary.  The vibe is authentically urban, but we tend to be very versatile in what we can do.

The message I convey can be serious and somewhat aggressive, but it is surely filled with love, grace and mercy.

Thanks for checking us out...  Be blessed (Makarios)

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